Writers' Guidelines

We are so excited that you are considering writing for www.allthingsabroad.com! Here’s what you need to know about being a writer for ATA:

1) Writers are expected to submit 2-3 articles per month (you can always submit more).

2) Articles should be at least 250 words in length.

3) Articles can be city-specific or can be broad. For example:

             a) “What You Need to Order When You Go to London’s Best Restaurant”  

             b) “What You Need to Know About Flying Internationally in Europe”

4) Feel free to write about more than one city. While we definitely want to hear about the city you are living in, we also would love to receive articles focused on other places that you visit. 

5) Our site is always expanding. Even if the city you are living in or visiting doesn’t currently have a page, it most likely will in the future. Feel free to submit articles for cities that aren’t up yet, and we will archive them and use them when we launch that city. If you have any questions about this, contact us at info@allthingsabroad.com.

6) Articles must include pictures (if there is no way to get pictures for your article and you have already written the article, still send it to us).

7) Pictures cannot come from Google, they must be original.

           a) If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a photographer for ATA please contact us at info@allthingsabroad.com

8) All articles (including listicles) should have a headline (title) and an intro paragraph (can be a few sentences). 

9) This is not a blog, so do not use “I.” 

         a) Don’t write things like, “last night I went to this great restaurant.”

         b) Instead, write “this London restaurant is great because…”

10) If necessary, you can use “we.”

         a) Should only be used to express the opinion of the site, “we think this is the best spot in Vienna”

11) While we want to be honest, articles should not be super negative. We don’t want to be entirely and overly critical of businesses and other places.

12) www.allthingsabroad.com is directed toward people traveling abroad for any period of time, not necessarily just people studying abroad.

        a) For this reason, articles can focused on specific foreign schools or study abroad related topics, but they also do not need to be focused on study abroad.

13) Articles can relate to any of the following topics, as well as anything else that you think of:

        food (cuisine, cooking, restaurants), sites/tourist attractions, shopping (style, stores), fitness (health and exercise spots), night-life, non-touristy things to do,

        travel-related things (packing, luggage, travel tips), housing, hotels/hostels. 

 14) If possible, please link any sites/stores/restaurants that you mention. 

All Things Abroad LLC does not condone any acts of plagiarism. Please do not submit any content (including photographs) that is not original, and that you are not the creator of. 

To submit articles, please email them to info@allthingsabroad.com

If you have any questions, contact us at info@allthingsabroad.com


Feel free to get started writing! While it is not required, feel free to run any article ideas by us!